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USCBP Pre-Clerance Facility

Design & Implementation of IT, Security and Special
Systems for Pre-Clearance Facility(PCF) at Abu Dhabi
International Airport.  Our scope consist of Design, Supply, Installation, Integration,Commissioning, and DLP support for the following special airport systems:
- Physical Security Systems(PSS), consisting of:
a. CCTV Surveillance System,
b. Access Control & Management System,
c. Intrusion Detection System, and
d. Duress Alarm System
- Queue management System
- Video Information Display & Guidance System
- Tetra Radio Communication System
- Passenger WiFi System
- IP telephony system
- Public Address (PA)
- Extension of existing airport security surveillance &
access control system(SACS ADIA)
- Supply of all specialised IT hardware(servers,
workstations, peripherals, displays) and software for
USCBP exclusive use
- Airport Special Systems Extensions – FIDS, IPTV,
Master Clock
- Active(CNE) & Passive(SCN) Network Design &
Implementation to serve all the above systems and
network uplinks to existing core rooms in the airport
- Baggage Images and Weight Identification Systems

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