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Fujairah Airport Refurbishement

Bayanat is the Master System Integrator contractor selected by ADAC & FIA to deliver the Complete Airfield, ATCT and CNS Systems Package of this major airport expansion project; the scope includes Design , supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the following systems:
- Airfield Ground Lighting System (AGL)
- CNS-ATM Systems for the new ATCT
a. ATC System (ATM Automation)
b. VHF/ UHF Radio Communication System
c. Voice Communication System (VCCS)
d. Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) extension
e. Automated Weather Observing System
(AWOS) extension
f. Time Reference System
g. Automated Terminal Information System
h. Navigational Aids
i. AIS System extension
j. Console Furniture for the ATCT
- Airfield Infrastructure works including:
a. Electrical cabling and equipments
i. Direct Buried Primary Circuit cabling between the Primary Substation to AGL SS1 and AGL SS2
ii. Low voltage cabling from AGL Substations to meteorological systems (existing/new equipment), new windsocks (obstacle lights), NAVAIDS (ILS LOC-GP including new ILS GP Shelter, VOR) and New Air/Ground RX Com Center
iii. Step up and step down transformers
b. Duct Banks, conduits and manholes for
communication cables to connect Energy
Complex, new Air Traffic Control Tower, AGL SS 1 and AGL SS 2.
c. Airport wide Telecommunication Network
- AGL Substations

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