Air Traffic Management
  • Air Traffic Management(ATM) Automation Systems

  • Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS)

  • Electronic Flight Strips (EFPS)

  • General Information Monitoring System(GIMS)

  • Departure/Arrival Manager (DMAN/AMAN)

  • ATC / Driving Simulation Systems

  • Remote Control Tower

  • Airport Collaborative Decision Making(A-CDM)

  • SWIM & ATM Grade Networks

  • UHF/VHF Radio Communications

  • Transmitters/Receivers/Tranceivers –

  • Basestations, vehicle, handheld radios

  • Air-to-Ground, Ground-to-Ground

  • Airband, Maritime, TETRA solutions

  • Voice Communication Control Systems (VCCS)

  • Compliance & Legal Recorder Systems (Voice/RADAR/Screens/Other Data)

  • Message Handling & Aeronautical Information Systems (AFTN/AMHS/AIS/AIM)

  • Instrument Landing Systems – ILS (Glidepath, Localizer, Markers)

  • Distance Measuring Equipment(DME – Landing and En-route)

  • DVOR (Doppler  VHF Omni Range)

  • TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation)

  • Non Directional Beacon (NDB)

  • VHF Direction Finder (VDF)

  • Satellite based Navigation Systems (GBAS/SBAS)

  • Visual Guidance Docking System (VDGS)

  • Surface Movement Guidance & Control Systems (ASMGCS)

  • Multi-lateration systems (MLAT/WAM)

  • Surface Movement Radars(SMR/GMR)

  • Primary & Secondary Surveillance Radars (PSR/MSSR)

  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance Technologies (ADS-B/TIS-B)

  • Runway Debris Monitoring System (RDMS)

  • Runway/Airside Surveillance(CCTV based)

  • Drone Detection Systems

Meteorological & Weather Management
  • Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS)

  • Meteorological sensors  I Wind/Pressure/Temperature/Humidity/Cloud height/Rain/Solar Radiation / Transmissiometer

  • Runway Visual Range (RVR)

  • MET Forecasting/Visualization Systems

  • Weather RADARs

  • LIDAR (Windshear/Wake Vortex Measurement)

  • Lightning detection systems

  • Thermo Dynamic Profiler / RadioMeters

  • Radiosonde/weather telemetry systems

  • Wind Profilers

  • Weather Decision Support Systems

Passenger & Terminal Operations
  • Information Display Systems (hardware/software)  FIDS, PIDS, TIDS…

  • Airports Operation Database (AODB)

  • Message Broker

  • Passenger Check-In & Boarding Solutions (CUTE/CUPPS)

  • Baggage Reconciliation Systems(BRS)

  • Baggage Handling Systems(BHS)

  • Resource Management System(RMS)

  • Queue Management  / Flow Management System(QMS)

  • People Counting System

  • Passenger Tracking System

Extra Low Voltage & Low Current Systems
  • Satellite/Master Antenna TV Systems(SMATV)

  • Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems (PA/VA)

  • Digital Signage / Video Wall

  • Datacenter solutions

  • Command & Control Room Systems

  • Wayfinding Systems

  • Fire Alarm Systems / Fire Suppression Systems (FAS/FM200)

  • Building Management Systems(BMS)

  • Car Park Management Systems(CPMS)

  • Master Clocks Systems(MCS)

Specialized Lighting & Signage
  • Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL/AFL, including Runway/Taxiway/Apron/Approach)

  • Guidance Signage

  • Heliport Lighting

  • Apron Flood Lighting & Specialised High Masts

  • Obstruction & Beacon Lighting

  • Lighting Control & Monitoring (ALCMS / ILCMS)

  • Lighting Photometry & Calibration (MALMS)

Information Communication Technologies
  • Structured Cabling System(SCN)

  • Computer Network Equipment (CNE)

  • Data Communication Hardware(DCH – including Servers, Storage…)

  • Internet-of-Things(IoT) and Cloud based solutions

  • Information Security

  • Cyber Security

  • Wireless Data Network (WDN/WLAN)

  • Distributed Antenna System(DAS)

  • IP Telephony (IPT)

  • IP Television(IPTV)

Professional Services
  • Design

  • Consultancy

  • Installation

  • Integration

  • Project Management

  • Maintenance

  • Servicing



BAYANAT Engineering was established in 1983 out of experience and commitment, with the vision to deliver excellence and precision.

This precision is key, as "BAYANAT" means DATA in Arabic.

The Group is specialized in Air Traffic Management, Airside and Terminal systems, with the deployment and integration of a wide range of complex solutions attending the needs of airport authorities, air navigation service providers, civil aviation authorities and military & defense.

The Company's background being ICT, it focuses on providing concrete solutions to every challenges. Today, BAYANAT Engineering is a key player in the aviation sector in Middle East and North Africa having delivered over 1000 projects in its 20 years of dedicated airport solutions expertise.



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