ATC Backbone Fiber Optic Links – under Utility Plant Construction

Optical Fibre Links for ATC Communication – for ADAC support facilities – Utility Plant & Distribution and East midfield & Perimeter roads Construction Supply, reroute and install of Fibre Optic cables for ATC communication system. 2X9 links of 24 of C SM Fibre Optic Cable for airside. Supply, installation and commissioning of Fibre Optic and Copper for ATC communication system: – Supply of 48 strands S.M. Fiber Optic Cables for ATC System (53,840mtr) -Supply of 20 twisted pair copper cable for Communication Systems, 19 AWG(32,029mtr) -Supply of fiber optic and copper termination accessories – Cable laying, termination, testing and Documentation Additional Work: -Repair/Replacement of AGL and Optical fiber cables between SS103 – Supply of 48C Single mode fiber optic cable (1000 mtrs)

: Abu Dhabi
: Sub Contractor
: 2015
: Completed
: Air Traffic Management